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Cardboard Sketch Books, originally uploaded by sminzy.

So I’ve been in the studio sporadically – but I haven’t produced a whole lot. I made these three cardboard and staple sketchbooks. Hopefully I’ll be able able to fill them with lots of good junk.


on no far, originally uploaded by sminzy.

Ok, so, framing my canvas was a little harder than I thought it would be. So I have a bunch of poorly stain lattice lying around my studio with really rough edges semi sanded edges. I’ll keep working it tomorrow.

Finished the above painting this morning and started a new one based on this print:
hate is a strong word
I’m a little scared of the detail as well as the lack of detail, but it will all work out.

SmithMicro did a user profile of me on their website, for which they gave me some free software. Very nice.

, originally uploaded by sminzy.

Had a productive, proper, day back in the studio. Visited with artist Ian Blethen, talked about his MFA program and was inspired by his commitment as well as his artwork.
Finished this painting (above) – well I kind of screwed up the gel medium coat so I’ll have to do some minor repair work. In addition I stared a 18″ x 30″ painting of this print :
George, they're missing!

A little more, originally uploaded by sminzy.

Finished this vacation painting (almost). I just have to touch up the black and give it a layer of medium. Also, I created four cardboard mounds for the Art dogs window – five to go.

Showed my dad around the matchbox studio.

The Guests, originally uploaded by sminzy.

So I spent today finishing up this short version of a longer piece that I’ll be sending to SmithMicro tonight or tomorrow.  It includes my prints The Racket and Release.   I also re-learned how to stretch a canvas, stretching and gessoing three for my vacation next week. Hopefully I did it right and they won’t sag or warp. Had a great day in the studio.