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Untitled, originally uploaded by sminzy.

This is what I’ve been up to the last few days – some good some bad
I’ll take it


print 2 chest bleed, originally uploaded by sminzy.

problems with switch layers – cutting and rigging all day and this is what have to show for it – tomorrow will be more productive.

first pulls, originally uploaded by sminzy.

Finished carving and printed two images today. I also touched up another image that I had though was done.

I’ve thumbnailed and roughed out out my next two prints and thought of camera movements for them I’ll add the thumbnails below.

It seems to be coming together, though I’m concerned with the quality of some of the prints. I guess when you are working on a tight schedule you have to get stuff out and fix it later.




You have to make bad stuff before you can make good stuff.

#15 father and son hand test-1, originally uploaded by sminzy.

First pass at the first print I made from my fatherhood project. haven’t animated the father or played much with the boy. This was really to see just how hard the hand walk cycle was going to be. It’s hard – I really don’t have a clue. Fun

Suggestions welcome

Untitled, originally uploaded by sminzy.

If I manage a block a day – I’ll be done by the end of August. fingers crossed

dielectric strength two, originally uploaded by sminzy.

This is a piece for the Variations show at Circling the Square next month. Not crazy about it, but then again I never am.

Today I start my grand experiment – making a wordless novel that I will in turn animate. It’s scary – and daunting but necessary for my future plans.  So, my hope is that this turns into a process diary that I can record my progress over the next 63 days.

Something similar to this:  Nick Cross

Cardboard Sketch Books, originally uploaded by sminzy.

So I’ve been in the studio sporadically – but I haven’t produced a whole lot. I made these three cardboard and staple sketchbooks. Hopefully I’ll be able able to fill them with lots of good junk.